Welcome Message

Assoc. Prof.
Irina Strambu MD, PhD

Conference President

Dear friends,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the 2022 WASOG Conference in the beautiful Sibiu, in Romania, on 14-17 November!

In the past two years, most online meetings were ending with the wish: looking forward to see you all face-to-face soon! It seems that we might get lucky and be able to meet again in November, in Sibiu, for the lead sarcoidosis and ILD conference.

Together with my Romanian colleagues involved in ILD care and the Romanian Society of Pulmonology, we are pleased to welcome prominent members of the worldwide ILD community, who confirmed their participation as speakers.

Participants will have the opportunity to be updated with the latest knowledge on sarcoidosis, idiopathic interstitial diseases, systemic conditions with pulmonary involvement, and rare diseases. Moreover, they will have the occasion to discuss directly with the experts on their points of interest.

The conference will also host educational activities, posters, interactive clinical case sessions.

As an extra feature of this conference, we would like to challenge the participants and patient organization with a brainstorming session on the topic “best strategy for early diagnosis of ILDs”.

Assoc. Prof.
Irina Strambu MD, PhD

Congress President